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Friday, August 8, 2014

August 7, 2014 Practice Hello/Routine Cheer Part 1 Video

Well we are exactly halfway completed with our Hello/Routine Cheer.   Below you will find a video of the cheer thus far.  The video is a mirror image of what the girls should be doing.  This means, for example, in the beginning of the cheer, the girls are supposed to cross their legs with their hands behind their backs.  In the video, the girl is crossing with the left leg in front of her right leg.  Because this is a mirror image, our cheerleaders should be crossing their right leg in front of their left legs. 

Here are the words to Part 1 of the Hello/Routine Cheer along with a video and motion descriptions:

The Chargers are back, (Hands behind head and right leg crossed in front of left-  Pivot to face the back - right hand on lower back, turn torso to face the front with legs facing back still)                                                  
An all new sensation. (Turn to face front with arms raised in a touchdown- bring to daggers- right foot steps in front with low V arms)

Heading for the title, (Right arm is in High V formation with left fist on hip- Left arm is in low V formation with Right fist on hip- Low V formation)

The best in the NATION! (left fist on hip for the entire line, right arm in broken T- right arm in daggers, right arm punches up pointing with pointer finger to the sky)

These Tiny Champions, (Feet together prep for a jump- on tip-toes with arms raised above head- swing arms and jump a toe touch on the word Champions)

Are ready for a fight. (turn to the right side prep for a new jump-on tip-toes with arms raised above head- swing arms and jump a pike on the word fight)

We won't be beat, (face front, cross arms with fists- daggers- clap)

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

August 4, 2014 Practice

I hope everyone had a great time at practice on Monday, because we had a blast!  It was so nice to officially be coaching our team!! The girls picked right up.  We started with some cool new dynamic stretching, a little banana jumping, and then right into our cheers!  The girls practiced 5 sideline cheers for during the game and the very beginning of our Hello/Routine Cheer (used during halftime and during our EXPO in October.  We also worked on 5 different arm motions.

Spirit Bear was sent home with Katie on Monday to bring lots of cheer to her family!  Spirit will be back at practice on Thursday when someone else will have a chance to bring Spirit home!

After practice there was a parent meeting where I was able to meet some of you!!  It was a pleasure meeting you and I am thrilled to be having you as part of our GBC Family!!  For those that may not have originally seen my email, I have received an updated email contact list with all of your information.  I will be sending out an email with the agenda from the meeting on Monday.

At some point this weekend, I will be uploading instructional videos of all cheers for the girls to watch as well as posting the words for each cheer.

Wednesday is Crazy Hair Day!!  I can't wait to see everyone's hair.  As one of our ladies, Baylee said at practice on Monday, "So basically what our hair looks like when we don't brush it."  LOL exactly!!

The following are the girls' spot assignments for practice:
A Charlei
B Leah
C Emma
D Kyla
E Katie
F Danielle
Y Gabby
I Baylee
L Jorden
M Emily
E Caitlin
N Mikayla
O Hailey
Q Jayden
T Jordan
R Aleece
S Kymani

Saturday, August 2, 2014

And so it begins...

Welcome to the 2014 season!!!

My name is Mariestelle Magliano and I will be the Tiny Mite head coach for this year.  Kelly Parks, and Nicole Petralia will be returning as my assistant coaches.  I am also very happy to announce a new addition to our coaching staff this year, Stephanie Jacobson!

It was great seeing some old friends and meeting some new ones on Friday, August 1, 2014.  I can't wait to meet the rest of our team, this coming week!! 

I am very excited to be back for my 7th year with GBC, and my 2nd year as a Tiny Mite coach.  I will be continuing some of my famous coaching techniques, used last year, and look forward to testing out some new ideas with the girls as well!

This blog is a continuation of last years' and serves as a place where I can post information to everyone and provide resources for all of you to utilize with your little cheerleaders.  Please feel free to browse through last year's entries as there are some videos of the girls as well as instructional videos for our girls to watch and learn different sideline cheers.  As we go over new cheers, I will post them along with an instructional video if available.

Practice for August will be every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 6-7:30pm each day.  Friday's practice ended early as it was the first day, but almost every practice will start and end exactly on time. 

If you ever have any questions about anything GBC related, please contact our team mom, Jeanine Calandruccio.  She will serve as a liaison for our team parents.   

Please register your email to this blog to receive updates, as I will be posting as frequently as I can.

See everyone Monday from 6-7:30pm at Warnesdorfer!!  

Go GBC!!  

Friday, August 30, 2013

Tiny Mite Music

GBC Tiny Mite Halftime Routine Music

For the past few practices the girls have been learning their music routine for halftime and for the Competition/Fun Day Expo.  This routine is a series of motions that are set to 8 count sets. This always seems to be the most difficult for girls to remember as the numbers 1-8 keep repeating 10 or 11 different times. It gets confusing as to which motion comes next in sequence at this stage, but the girls will soon perform this part as well as their cheer!  

The link above will provide you with the music they will be dancing to. While the girls are practicing at home, they can become familiar with the music and the counts.  

I am hoping by the 8th, we will be able to showcase the dance part as well as the cheer during our halftime show.  

This Sunday morning is our first HOME GAME!!  See everyone there!!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Game Day #1 GBC vs. North Brunswick Indians

Gooooo GBC Tiny Mites!!!!!!!  

I have to say that we all should be sooo very proud of these fabulous girls!  They did a phenomenal job this morning at their first game!  I am so thrilled that each girl made it to the game and all the girls seemed so excited to be there!!!  

All of these girls have come so far along in the short time we've had together thus far.  If you really look at it, it only has been 9 practices!!!  I have to say, they do look so impressive out there!  I can see it already, this team in 4-5 more years will be the team that other teams fear on competition day!!  

Well I guess we can say that this season has officially started!!  

Update on the schedule for the next couple of weeks... 

Monday is Picture Day at 6:30pm at the Knights of Columbus.  Please be on time, we will be taking a team shot and want everyone in it!! 

Monday's practice will be canceled.  It's not worth it to practice when they will be in uniforms and it usually takes some time to get pictures going.   If you have siblings in the organization and would like them all in a picture together, make sure all your children are there at 630 in uniform.  Sibling shots always come out soo cute!  

We will have practice Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 6-730pm.  Rain or shine (hoping shine, but Mother Nature never seems to cooperate with us this time of year.). If it rains, we will try to secure the knights, and will send a text for confirmation that day.  

School starts the following week for those of us who teach.  Therefore, the following week, the week of September 2nd, we will be switching over to a 2 day schedule.  We will NOT have practice on Monday, September 2nd.  We will begin a Wednesday and Friday practice schedule only starting September 4th.  

Spirit Bear will also begin a Wednesday change over schedule.  Emily, please remember to bring Spirit on picture day.  I will hold onto her until Wednesday.  The next person will have her from Wednesday to Wednesday, instead of Mondays.  

Parents, keep up the great work, I love and appreciate you all!!!  We will have to schedule a parents night out one night soon!!! 

See everyone tomorrow at picture day!!! 

Gooooo GBC!!! 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Pep Rally 2013!!

Introducing the 2013 GBC Tiny Mites!!! 

The Pep Rally was our first appearance, performing in front of parents, family and friends!  Coach Nicole, Coach Kelly and I are very proud of how well each of these girls did!! Especially only after 6 practices!!!  

The food was great, the entertainment rocked and overall it was a great time for everyone!!!! 

First game is Saturday the 24th!!  Can't wait, hope you are all ready!!! 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

August 12th Practice

Today we were able to accomplish a couple different things.  We first were able to get our entire Hello/Routine Cheer completed!!  I am hoping everyone is home practicing as I speak.  Only 2 more practices before we show off our skills to the parents, cheerleaders, football players, and the entire GBC family!!

For those of you who are unaware, Saturday from 4-7pm is the GBC Pep Rally at the Knights of Columbus in Spotswood.

In preparation for the Pep Rally, we fitted all the girls for their uniforms.  Everyone at this point should have their uniform.  If you have any issues with the size of the uniform, once you are home and can try it on without shorts and t-shirt, please be sure to inform Jeanine at our next practice.

Also, be sure to get your Pep Rally money and head count in ASAP.  We will need this information for the caterers.

Spirit Bear was returned today, and what a great experience she had with Danielle.  This week, Gionna will be taking care of Spirit Bear.  Hope she has an amazing time!!  Please be sure to remind our cheerleaders that everyone will have a turn with Spirit Bear.  If they did not get Spirit this week, they will have a chance before the end of the season.  I promise!!

We made one slight change to the Hello/Routine Cheer words.  I am trying to find an older cheerleader to demonstrate the routine on video.  These should be added shortly.

Hello/Routine Cheer

The blue, gold and white
Are here to rock the floor
Tiny Champions
Like you've never seen before
The best of the best
Sit back and relax
We're here to impress
Good Luck to you
We wish you the best
Year after year
We keep getting better
Golden Bear Chargers
Now and Forever!!

As far as sideline cheers are concerned, we will only be learning a few more before our first game.  We will be using game time to learn new cheers as we run out of ones to say during the games.

See you all on Wednesday!!